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A warm welcome to the future

Kvicki AB was created with inspiration and concern for the retail trade's changing consumer behavior, which creates enormous trials for stores and the environment. We wanted to be involved in defining the future of retail where we help brands transform their physical stores into a safe and attractive place.


By using the innovative power of technology, we have succeeded in creating solutions that facilitate the everyday challenges that both humans and the environment face.


The founders behind Kvicki Q digital queuing solution

Kvicki AB was founded by three ambitious entrepreneurs with different backgrounds; Admir Lukacevic, Robin Björk and Oscar Eriksson.

Admir   Lukacevic

Has built a non-profit organization that currently helps over 32,000 children to be seen and confirmed by offering meaningful sports activities.

Robin Björk

Is a design guru who started his office in 2011. Reebok, adidas, PlatinumCars, Swedbank, Ida Lanto are just a few of the successful companies that exist at Robins

client list.

Oscar Eriksson

Has throughout his career worked with business development where he has helped companies build the right strategy when it comes to innovation and expansion. Oscar has a background as an IT consultant and has had leading roles at H&M, Acando, and EY.

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